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January 27, 2018



Major Key Publishing!


I've recently turned in Book 3 of 6 and I could not be more excited.  The title of my book is the title of this  Blog Post. I am very proud of this book and so excited for it's release date! I can't wait for my publisher to send me the cover and  give me the release date! I will jumping up and down and screaming for joy! 


Anyway, the purpose of this post is to give you a sneak peek into what you can expect from the story. 








The sound of Jasmine’s shriek caught Jason off guard and instantly worried him.


"Jasmine? What was that? Why does it sound like you're running?" Jason asked in a panic.


"Jason! He's coming!" She screamed into the phone. "He's after me!"


Jason jumped to his feet and tore open his desk drawer for his car keys. "Baby, I'm coming! Stay on the phone with me!" he said

“Where are you?" He was out of his office, down the stairs, through the sea of sweaty and gyrating clubbers, out the door and to his car in less than a minute.


"I just turned down Gilmore St." she gasped.


"I'm in the car now. I'm on my way!" Jason screamed into the phone. "Baby, talk to me, please!"


Jason pressed down on the accelerator as hard as he could and sped off down the dark streets of Charlotte. His heart was beating out of his chest, his palms were sweaty, and his mouth was dry as he was forced to listen to the sound of his wife’s’ screams. He needed to get to her, and his unborn child, before something happened to her that he’d never forgive himself for.


“Let me go, you son of a bitch!” He heard her scream before he heard the phone drop.

Jason listened closely for his wife, for her to make any sound to let him know she was still alive and for a moment he didn’t hear anything. He was met by silence and his breath caught in his throat. Just when he was about to call out her name, he could hear the phone being picked up then someone’s heavy breathing.


“Who the fuck is this? Where is my wife?” Jason growled.


The person didn’t say anything for a moment before they decided to speak. “She’s safe with me.” The voice said.


Jason recognized the deep animated voice. It was the same voice kidnappers used to disguise their voice in movies.


“If you hurt her, when I find you, because I will find you, I will kill you.” Jason hissed.


“Let her go, Jason. She’s mine, now, always has been.” The voice said before he ended the call.


“Fuck!” Jason growled and slammed his fist into the dashboard.


Who the fuck was that? They knew his name. Could it really be someone from his past out for revenge? Or could it be someone looking to take him out and gain complete control of the Charlotte? If so, who could it be? Didn’t they know that he was out? That he’d walked away from that life a long time ago?


It didn’t take him long to reach Riverdale street. The entire block was abandoned with only two street lights lighting up the entire street. Pulling over, he shut off the car, jumped out and started running down the poorly lighten street in search of his wife or any sign as to where she was last. The closer he gets to the end of the block the more out of control his heart beats in his chest as the fear of losing his wife and unborn child sets in. He needed to find them.


            “Goddamn it!” He hissed, and kicked a nearby trash can.


He began pacing back and forth, running frustrated hands through his hair. It wasn’t until he found his way into the middle of the street that he noticed something in the mouth of an alley way not far from where he was. With hopes of it being something of Jasmine’s he crossed the street in a hurry. When he was close enough he realized that the object did indeed belong to his wife. It was her purse. He bent down to pick it up when he suddenly heard a car door being slammed shut. Taking off in the direction he heard it, he rounded a corner to see two masked figures, male and female, loading his wife’s limp body into the back seat of a black truck at the end of the block.


            “Jasmine! Let her go!” Jason yelled and took off in their direction.


To be  continued...

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