Abusing Her Heart by Vaneecia

May 27, 2017

This book will not only make you a bit sad but also mad as hell. You will definitely be in your feelings when reading this. Shantell is a HOOT!


“Shantell, this is the third time I have asked you to go check on Ms. Wilson. If I have to say it again, I will put you on bedpan duty,” I fussed at one of the newest hires. 


I hated to have to be like that, but this was a serious job that needed to be taken seriously. That was the problem with a lot of these new people. They had become nurses for all the wrong reasons, and now, they were learning that this wasn’t as simple as they thought. Like Shantell, for example—she had gotten the job for the money, and it drove me crazy ‘cause she didn’t take anything but the money seriously. 


Shantell huffed like I was agitating her but got up and went to check on Ms. Wilson. Sometimes, I thought that they didn’t take me seriously because of my looks, but I ran this place with an iron fist, despite that. Since we were on the subject, I should probably explain why my looks affected that at all.


My name was Lynette Russel, and I ran the nurses as the head RN at Mercy Hospital, in Saint Louis. I stood about five foot five with chocolate, brown skin. I had a pretty face with big, brown eyes, and I kept my hair in a shoulder-length bob. I was a slim girl, but I did have some ass and titties. I considered myself to be a beautiful woman, but a lot of people saw me as something to step over. Not in a bad way; they just didn’t think I had it in me to snap. But I took my job very seriously and would never allow for any nonsense during that part of my life. It had taken me a lot to get here at just twenty-four, so I refused to mess it up to be “the cool” boss.


Sitting down at my station, I took out some charts to log all of the patient info I had gathered for the day so that I could get out of here. For the first time in two months, I had a Saturday off, and I was going to enjoy it in my home with a bowl of popcorn and Scandal. 


I didn’t do all that going out or whatever. You never knew when you would be on call with this job. So a glass of wine and Netflix was all I needed. 

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